Feeling Good in Grey

I've said it countless times, I prefer summer over winter but the change cannot be averted, so I try to do things that still make me feel good. I can't help but feel a little down when I wake up to dull weather (it's currently 9:30am here but the skies look like it's 9pm) but I still have to go on with my days and make it a point to have something good to look forward to every single day.

Feeling good to me is all about being in harmony with yourself and the closest ones around you. Trying on new things, even though they might be out of my comfort zone, more often than not end up in happy experience that make me feel good. For this outfit post, I am embracing the fishnet-tights-under-ripped-jeans trend, which is not something I would go for in a whim but it ended up being an outfit that I felt good in! Read on to see why :)

Sweater, earrings & sunglasses, & Other Stories | Jeans and shoes, Zara
Clutch, ALDO | Chunky ring & bangles, Mango | Midi-rings, I AM Accessories

I am not a fan of excessively ripped jeans - I feel they don't really tie in with my style and personality but this pair from Zara is just perfect! It only has a few rips here and there and I really like wearing it just because it is so comfortable. For this outfit, I took a page of the cool girls' book and tried wearing fishnet tights under my ripped denims. I must admit I really like how it turned out and I felt so good in this outfit, I would definitely wear it again!

Speaking of feeling good, the top I am wearing in these pictures is probably one of my most comfy ones and has definitely helped with the feel good factor. I got it last January from & Other Stories in Milan I usually stick to buying accessories from the brand as their clothes tend to fit quite loose on my petite frame and I honestly feel like I'm drowning in the clothes but I guess this sweater is an exception. I love that the collar stands firm and the fit is everything! Grey is one of my favourite colours and I really do feel I am in my element whenever I am wearing it. Another important element of an outfit for me to feel really good in, is a good pair of heels, thus, it goes without saying that pairing the outfit with one of my favourite pair of shoes at the moment brought everything together, going on to show that basic doesn't have to be boring!

This outfit ticks all the right boxes for me to feel good in, a good pair of jeans, heels and a comfy sweater, plus trying on something new - you never know, you might end up liking it! Good feelings are contagious - smile more, appreciate the small things in life and wear pretty clothes! After all, life is too short to wear boring outfits!

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