Introducing Zadig & Voltaire This Is Her! Fragrance

Perfume is something personal, something intimate. Almost everyone has their respective signature scent. I for one, tend to gravitate towards floral and musky scents and Zadig & Voltaire's newest fragrance, This Is Her! embodies everything I look for in a perfume. Thierry Gillier, founder of the brand, couldn't have said it any better - “I can’t imagine life without fragrance. I like when it leaves behind a trail, asserts a personality. It’s an alchemy between you and someone else.”

About Zadig & Voltaire

I'm sure many of you have heard of the Parisian brand Zadig & Voltaire before especially if you follow the fashion world closely. Zadig & Voltaire is a quintessentially French fashion house, whose name is a reference to the nickname of founder Thierry Gillier, ferryman of the Voltairian mindset.

It all started in 1997 - the rock star destiny of the Zadig hero and his revolutionary philosopher Voltaire inspired Thierry Gillier to create a new French easy luxury brand. Chic and casual. Young, arty, Parisian. Feminine, masculine. More than an everyday collection, it would be free-spirited, with a rock attitude. It would break the mold and embrace modernity. Cashmere for everyone. Updated basics. A new way to wear the jersey with the iconic Henley top. Zadig & Voltaire reinvented knitwear: frayed, boiled, unstructured and oversized, visible seams, raw edging, layers. A style that makes a statement. Capsule collections with contemporary artists and designers. Fashion as a statement, art as inspiration. Just one rule: be yourself, completely. Such is the borderless ambitions of the brand’s fashion manifesto. Easy wear. Easy life. Easy luxury. This is Zadig!

About the Fragrance

Inspired by contemporary art, the minimalist design of the bottle looks like it is cut out of a rock. The feminine fragrance comes in a white bottle while the male counterpart comes in a black bottle - a timeless combination.

This Is Her! is a woody, heady floral fragrance created by Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almairac (Robertet). It reminisces of Paris, elegantly wrapped in sensuous silk and cashmere. It has notes of Arabian jasmine brightened with pink peppercorn, chestnut and vanilla. The base note  is an intense, woody and milky base note: sandalwood, the Zadig & Voltaire signature. Confident, unpredictable, irresistible. This is HER!

This Is Me!

I thought of having a play on words and interpret the perfume's name in my own way - This Is Me! The Zadig & Voltaire campaign revolves around a casual, rock chic theme, the concept behind the Zadig & Voltaire brand. While my style is more on the girly side, I sometimes do like to lend an edge to my outfits, a perfect example being the outfit I am wearing here.

We took these pictures in Sicily on our latest weekend getaway; it wasn't really a holiday per se as we had to visit a number of showrooms and home decor stores to furnish up our new place, but on Sunday, we did manage to fit in an hour to shoot some pictures specifically for this blog post just in time before a very heavy downpour! Photos were captured at Villa Casina dell'Etna, the place we were staying at in Ragalna and I think it provided the perfect backdrop for the theme of this shoot, for the rocky walls evoked the perfume bottle's shape perfectly in my opinion, plus I took the 'Be Rock' concept literally here ;)

Zadig & Voltaire has invented a mixed silhouette – lithe, dynamic and rock combined with urban yet rugged influences. It is an attitude of restlessness. Being rock means being yourself. Free, sure of your rebellious elegance, good in your own skin. Just one rule: Always be ready for anything! "Zadig is a lifestyle, a unique look, a feeling of freedom" says Cecilia Bönström - Artistic Director, Zadig & Voltaire.

I chose to wear this black and white check top representing the colours of the men's and women's fragrance bottles and paired it with my new skirt from Purple in my current favourite colour. I think this is an edgy piece and I love the tie at the front which is made to look like shirt sleeves! The whole outfit was brought together with my favourite pair of white sneakers from Michael Kors (at Rebelli) and this leather jacket from Zara. I think this outfit nails the whole Be Rock concept, don't you agree?!

As I said in the beginning of this post, I found this perfume ticks all the right boxes for me. I am currently obsessed with minimalistic designs which I am even going to try to evoke into our home - clean lines, white walls, metallic accents..., thus the bottle was a lovely surprise as it will make a nice decorative piece in my walk-in wardrobe. Also, the side that looks like it's cut from rock reminds me of marble, another current obsession of mine. And to top it all off, it comes from a French fashion house ;)

I find the scent to last me all throughout the day without it being overpowering. I would describe it as a soft, floral scent with a mysterious aura, just like the city of Paris itself! Zadig & Voltaire This Is Her! has become my favourite scent for day and night and people are always asking which perfume I am wearing, with my reply being, This Is Zadig!

Zadig & Voltaire This Is Her! 50ml perfume was given to me as a PR Sample
Zadig & Voltaire fragrances are exclusively represented in Malta by C+M Marketing Ltd.

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