PearlSmile Teeth Whitening at People & Skin Med-Aesthetic Clinic - Is it worth the hype?

Last Thursday I was quite excited to go to my appointment at People & Skin Med-Aesthetic Clinic in Sliema to have my teeth whitened with the PearlSmile system.

I was always conscious of the way my teeth look and they are the reason why I never, or very rarely show them in photos. I take good care of them but I always thought they are more on the yellow side than they should be for someone who has never smoked and doesn't drink coffee. When People & Skin offered me a treatment of my choice from the vast array of cosmetic treatments they offer, PearlSmile Teeth Whitening looked like the perfect opportunity to get whiter-looking teeth without going to the dentist!

About PearlSmile

PearlSmile is a German, cosmetic teeth whitening system which uses cold LED light to activate a 01.% peroxide gel to whiten teeth. It is a painless process that doesn't damage the tooth enamel or gums. The gel acts by neutralizing the pigment in the teeth, thus resulting in a whiter smile :)


Fast forward a few days and I was on the doorstep of the clinic eagerly waiting to start the treatment! But, first things first. I was asked to fill out my details on a form prior to treatment and on which my teeth colour (according to the PearlSmile chart) was recorded before the commencement of treatment and after.

I was subsequently invited to the PearlSmile booth by my therapist who explained what the treatment entails and asked me if I wanted to go for the full 1 hour treatment (which is what I originally booked) or a 20 minute session. I could always opt to progress to another two 20 minute treatments for a full hour but I opted for the 20 minute session to see how it goes.

The first step is to clean the teeth using a PearlSmile wipe. This is a sort of finger wipe which tastes like toothpaste to prep the teeth. In the meantime, the therapist prepared a transparent silicone guard with the PearlSmile Gel and gave it to me to put over my teeth (side note - avoid any highly pigmented lipstick as it might get smudged). The timer on the cold LED equipment used to whiten teeth was initiated and I just sat back and relaxed in the super comfy booth!

Results & After-care

I must admit it wasn't the most comfortable of experiences when it comes to the silicone guard - it is a one size fits all kind of thing and I always have the same problem with such articles - they are too big for me so I had to be really careful to make sure it doesn't fall out. I think if the guard came in a smaller size, it would have been more comfortable for me so I am glad I went for the 20 minute treatment instead of a full hour.

When the timer was up, I was asked to remove the guard and after rinsing my mouth, we went on to see the difference. I went up from S14 to S12 so there was a one shade difference. Of course, the longer the treatment time, the whiter your teeth will get.

The difference is noticeable even with just one shade so I was quite happy to see it actually works. I might get further treatments in the future based on the fact that it works but not for now. It is advised to avoid foods which require some effort to chew for the first few hours after treatment as the gums would be a little sensitive. Having said that, I didn't experience any pain whatsoever. Also, red wine and coffee are best avoided following the treatment at least for a few hours.

To maintain whiter teeth, PearlSmile have the finger wipes and a powder 'toothpaste', both of which can be purchased by the customer as after care products. I went ahead and got a packet of wipes which retails for €10 for 24 wipes as they will come in handy when eating out.

If you're looking to have whiter teeth I would recommend the PearlSmile treatment and I would consider doing it again - I just wish the company would consider manufacturing smaller teeth guards for people with small jaws like me. A one hour session costs €145 while a 20 minute session costs €69.

I was wearing:
Pants - Purple
Earrings - Zara
Bag - Furla

Photography - Neil Psaila.

PearlSmile treatment was offered to me for free by People & Skin. All opinions are solely my own.

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