Eye Care Cosmetics & other eye care devices at Optika Opticians

We usually visit our opticians for our eye prescription needs. Following on from my post about the different types of lenses and their care, today I have another post about Eye Care Cosmetics, an eye makeup brand stocked at all Optika outlets.

Eye Care Cosmetics is a French skincare and eye care brand committed to caring for sensitive skin and eyes. Products available at Optika include three different makeup removers - an emulsion, a lotion and a bi-phasic one to suit different needs. The 2-in-1 makeup remover is your best bet to remove waterproof makeup, the emulsion is specially targeted for contact lens wearers while the lotion boasts an ultra gentle formula and is optimal for the most sensitive of eyes. The range also consists of coloured eye pencils, eyeshadow, mascara as well as eye creams to treat dark circles and puffiness around the delicate eye area for example. Sometimes, people with sensitive eyes have to be really careful in choosing the right products for them so as not to irritate their eyes and Eye Care Cosmetics is there to help!

Other instances, it's not just sensitive eyes that need to be taken care of and for these different conditions, Optika stock different eye compresses that can either be used hot or cold depending on the condition at hand. For example the Cold Eye Compress can be used to alleviate symptoms of hayfever, allergies, swelling, puffy eyes and sinus headaches to name a few while the Hot Eye Compress is recommended for Dry Eye Disease, Blepharitis (inflammation of eyelids) and general eye irritations. There is also another version of the Hot Eye Compress which can be heated in both a microwave or an oven while the former can only be heated in a microwave. The eye compresses are produced in the UK by the renowned company The Body Doctor and are to be used upon recommendation by a professional.

The same company also produced the Eyelid Wipes which are aimed at maintaining eyelid and eyelash hygiene for babies and adults alike. Each wipe is individually wrapped and pre-soaked with a preservative-free and detergent-free physiological solution to gently clean the eyelids, lashes and surrounding area. The wipes can also be used to revive tired eyes.

So there you have it! Optika really have everything you need for your eyes to be taken care of all around! Head to one of their outlets located in Sliema, Rabat and St.Julian's to find out more.

Photography by Neil Psaila

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