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MFWA 2018 Day 4 | Blue Modus Vivendi by Rosita Silk Sense

I know I'm writing this post a bit late but yesterday I got caught up with errands and other things to do before preparing for another night of fashion shows. I only got to see one show on Tuesday which is what I will be writing about in this post as I left shortly after.

As I was saying, last Tuesday was time for Rosita Silk Sense to exhibit her latest collection of hand-painted silk creations. As the name of the collection implies, Blue Modus Vivendi, the collection revolved around the colour blue which is synonymous with the sea, sky and Malta. 

Whenever I attend a show by Rosita, These were some of my favourite pieces from the collection are usually the ones in blue so I was delighted to see a full collection of hand-painted silk items in blue. Moreover, Rosita is now expanding her collection with cotton pieces to make these unique, artistic garments accessible to all budgets too! These are some of my favourites.

All photos by Kurt Paris.

MFWA 2018 | Yana's Jewellery Colores del Flamenco Jewellery Collection Exhibition

Yana's Jewellery is an established name in Malta synonymous with unique jewellery pieces made out of stones, ropes and wire. This year for Malta Fashion Week, Yana took inspiration from her recent trip to Madrid and her flamenco dances and created a jewellery collection that also incorporates designs with fabric that has flamenco-inspired motifs on it.

The exhibition displays feature flamenco dancers drawings by Nathalie Anastasi and the jewellery items attached to them - I think overall, this is an original way to display jewellery and the introduction of fabric into her designs, although a new concept for Yana, I'm sure she will succeed in it too! You can always order your custom pieces from Yana and don't forget to go check out her newly opened second shop in Cathedral Street, Sliema.

MFWA 2018 Outfit | Flamenco Vibes

I wore Gaetano again yesterday for Day 5 of Malta Fashion Week. I just can't get enough of his designs and as soon as I put on this coordinated ensemble, I instantly felt like a flamenco dancer! Thereby I couldn't resist not taking a picture with Yana's Jewellery display who has a flamenco-themed jewellery collection on exhibition until tomorrow (more on that in another post).

I felt really good in this outfit for a number of reasons. Firstly, I love green, secondly, I love co-ordinates and lastly, I love how flattering and flirty the shape of the skirt is! I accessorised with my favourite black shoes and my mini YSL clutch and silver-toned jewellery. The Valentino sunglasses offer an edgy look to an otherwise very girly outfit. Love the studs on them and the boxy cat-eye shape!

Co-ordinated skirt and top, Gaetano | Bag, YSL | Shoes, Gianvito Rossi
Sunglasses, Valentino at Optika Opticians

My makeup was done by Daniela at Melita Health & Beauty and I felt really good in it! She used shades of purple to bring out the details in the outfit and accentuated them with silver and black and finished the look off with pink lips! This was a different look to what I'm used to but I felt really good in it and everyone seemed to love it! Well done Daniela and thank you once again!

My hair was styled in a ponytail to avoid any nasty situations and I made sure to use the TRESemme Volume & Body conditioner to make sure my ponytail didn't fall flat with the humidity and wind.

I will be returning to Malta Fashion Week tomorrow as I'm skipping tonight due to other commitments. Watch this space for more designer overviews and Friday's outfit!

Photography by Neil Psaila

MFWA 2018 Outfit | Completely Different

Ok so yesterday evening was not really my evening. I was getting ready to go to Malta Fashion Week which I did. I parked my car a bit far and as soon as I was going out, the snap buttons from my top came off so I went back home to change - hence why I named this outfit post completely different! 

What I was supposed to wear
What I actually wore

At the time I was really pissed and angry at what had just happened but in hindsight, I think it was a blessing. I chose a denim shirt and rolled the sleeves to give the skirt a casual vibe and it came in handy to beat the cold winds we had yesterday. I was starting to have fun when someone spilt their coffee on me and there my mood went down again. To top it off, the wind decided to ruin my hairstyle as it came perfectly undone which is funny because I used the Perfectly Undone range from TRESemme. Thus I called it a night and left after the first show. I still watched the other shows on live stream though so I will be writing my thoughts on them too in another post.

As for accessories I stuck to what I was going to wear in the first place -  a lime bag to bring out the lime in the skirt and dirty pink mid-heels which I feel are the best heel height with this skirt style. The rose-gold mirrored lens sunglasses are a winner here - I feel they really brought the look together! 

I'm looking forward to tonight's shows and I'm ready to put yesterday's little mishaps behind me. Today will be a special one too so be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updates throughout ;)

Skirt, Gaetano | Shoes, Stradivarius | Bag, Zara (last year)
Ring, Yana's Jewellery | Earrings, Michael Kors
Sunglasses, Vogue at Optika

Which is your favourite way to wear this skirt - casual or dress up?

Photos by Neil Psaila

MFWA2018 | Day 3 - Glamour All The Way | Maria Cutajar, Headpieces by Adalia, Herminas Reea & Gaetano

Monday was my first day attending the 2018 edition of Malta Fashion Week which is celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the Malta Fashion Awards.

I think I couldn't have picked a better first day to attend this year - we were left gobsmacked with all the beautiful, glamorous creations from 4 super talented designers. Read on to see what they had in store.

Maria Cutajar - Dejjem F'Qalbna

The first show of the night came in the form of a presentation courtesy of local designer Maria Cutajar, entitled Dejjem F'Qalbna (Always In Our Hearts). The collection was inspired by the works of the designer's grandfather who was a skilled craftsman and used to make miniatures of the traditional Maltese balconies. In fact, all the garments were in green or red with a touch of black - the traditional colours of the balconies. I loved the cuts and final execution of the garments in this collection, with my favourites being the ones in dark green. The presentation ended with Maltese singer Janice Mangion singing her hit song 'Kewkba' (Star). Mate Irsik was in charge of hair using TRESemme products while make-up was under Natasha Polidano's lead using Evagarden.

Photos by Steven Muliett

Photo by Go Raw Photography

Headpieces by Adalia - Peacock's Pride

Next was another presentation, this time in the form of luxurious and colourful headpieces by Adalia Bonnici. I was really looking forward to this show as I am a big fan of headpieces and I love spotting the most gorgeous ones at events From the collection's name, you can easily deduce that the headpieces are elaborate, and many feature beautiful jewel tones, much like a peacock. Here are my favourites. Hair was done by Narelle Fabri Opyrchal and her assistants using TRESemme and make-up was done by Karen Decelis and her team using Evagarden.

Photos by Justin Ciappara

Photos by Go Raw Photography

Herminas Reea - Butterfly Effect

Luxury. Confidence. Female Empowerment. These are the three key concepts on which the Butterfly Effect collection by Herminas Reea is based. This was one of the best shows from yesterday's evening. Each dress more beautiful than the one before it, the collection is the true embodiment of female confidence. Guaranteed show-stoppers! Hair was under supervision by Priscilla Mifsud Cini using TRESemme and make-up was done by Talitha Dimech and her assistants using Evagarden.

Photo by Steven Muliett

Gaetano - LEGACY

Finally, the most anticipated show of the evening - Gaetano's LEGACY. Guests were wating to be seated for this local glamour designer's show long before it was set to start and well, that is understandable considering the popularity this young designer enjoys. Gaetano in known for his ultra glamorous, daring gowns meant for the woman who is not afraid to be seen. Last night's collection, LEGACY has proved to be his best yet. Inspired by old Hollywood glamour and fashion icon legends, the collection features a lot of black dresses with touches of red and white and of course, sparkly numbers do not go amiss. The show wouldn't have been complete without the presence of local singers Claudia Faniello and Marilena Gauci and actress Taryn Mamo Cefai. Be sure to check out the LEGACY video which I was honoured to be part of - see if you can spot me ;)

Photos by Justin Ciappara

Gaetano, you truly outdid yourself once again!!! Bravu! Hair was done by Matthew and Roderick Castillo using TRESemme and make-up was done by Marlene Vassallo and her team using Evagarden.