MFWA 2018 Outfit | Sheer Confidence Makes You Sparkle!

For my first day of Malta Fashion Week 2018, I chose to wear something totally out of my comfort zone which I ended up feeling super confident in at the end of the day! Let me tell you more.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram have already seen the outfit, and from the very positive feedback that I got, everyone seemed to love it. Both the gold sequin bodysuit and flower embroidered skirt are designed by Gaetano who featured his latest collection last night. I admit, with the skirt being so sheer, I was feeling a bit self-conscious but once I got used to the whole look and I started getting compliments on the whole outfit, I was having fun! 

Being confident in our skin is sometimes easier said than done. We all have parts of our bodies which we like less than others and with the constant pressure to look good all the time, this can get tiring; yet we still get the 'learn to embrace yourself' pep talk often times which is not a bad idea at all. However, if you think that by making a few changes, say in your lifestyle that will make you feel more confident, I say go for it! Sometimes going out of your comfort zone, is what you need to give yourself a confidence boost! For example, the walk from my car to Fort St.Elmo didn't come without weird stares from passers by but once I overheard an appreciative comment (definitely not referring to cat-calling), I could feel myself feel more confident. When people tell you there and then that they love what you're wearing and they are genuine about it (you know who you are), you know there are still good people in this world and that they make the world a better place with just a simple comment! Cheers to you all :) 

Outfit, Gaetano | Shoes, Zara | Bag, Furla
Sunglasses, Versace at Optika | Earrings, New Look

Back to the outfit, I paired it with a pair of nude heels and bag as it is quite a statement in itself. The tassle earrings provided just the right finishing touch and to top it off, these Versace sunglasses from the Versace Tribute Collection are just 😍😍! You can check out the whole collection at Optika. Despite being understated, they do pack a punch and they were just what my outfit needed to be complete! I did my own makeup and opted for a red lip and a subtle gold eye look complete with false eyelashes. As for my hair, I cheated a bit and kept my up-style from Sunday's wedding - all it needed was a bit of re-setting with TRESemme Get Sleek Perfect Polish Creation Hairspray! Thank you Francesco for doing a fabulous job!

I really didn't want to take the makeup off or get out of the outfit when I arrived home and I could almost cry tears of joy - I was glad everything went well for Gaetano and, well, I felt good! Thank you Gaet! That's it for my first look for MFWA this year - stay tuned on my socials to see what I'm going to wear tonight ;) 

Photos by Neil Psaila

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