Raise Your Legs for Erba Vita Sollievo Venis Gel!

We all know the feeling after getting home from a hard day's work - all we want to do is just kick back, relax and raise our legs. My job requires standing for long periods of time and more often than not, I end up with heavy, swollen legs at the end of the day; so much so, that I tend to avoid wearing short skirts if I'm going out afterwards.

Thankfully, Erba Vita have come to my rescue once again with their Sollievo Venis Gel and let me tell you, I am not the only fan in the house! Life happens and currently, me and my better half are going through a very busy yet exciting time in our life - he is taking care of construction works at our new house and his full time work while I manage the one we are currently living in, wedding plans, my job and of course this blog and all the glitz that comes with it; and well, our legs have definitely felt the strain.

We tried the Erba Vita Sollievo Venis Gel for the first time after a full day of manual work for him and a 12 hour shift for me. Let me tell you more about the product and our experience using it.

The gel is presented in a box with contains a 150ml tube of gel of course and an information leaflet. As with other Erba Vita products, the gel is composed of mainly natural ingredients and herbal extracts which aim to restore swollen, heavy legs to normality in no time. If we have a look at the ingredients, you will notice there are no PEG's, petroleum or parabens. The main ingredients are Aloe Gel, Vite Rossa, Centella, dried extracts of horse chestnut as well as mint, eucalyptus and lemon essential oils and enriched with avocado oil to name a few.

Mint has quite a predominant scent and you can actually smell it as soon as you open the box. The gel is a clear yellow in colour and is meant to be massaged morning and night to ensure the well being of our legs. When I first applied the gel, (in upwards, circular motions), I couldn't feel anything and honestly thought it doesn't work but after a minute or so, a very welcome, cooling sensation kicked in and I could feel my legs coming back to normal as time went by. The morning after, I applied it again before going to work for another 12 hour shift and well, in the evening, my legs weren't as swollen as the day before. As for my fiancé, he applied the gel after a though day at our new house and he could immediately feel a tingling, cooling sensation that offered almost instantaneous relief from any pain.

I have been using the gel in the morning before work and in the evening to minimize swelling after a day of standing on my legs and this has greatly improved how my legs feel after work or a weekend of wearing heels. As for my significant other, he really enjoys the cooling effect of the gel and his legs feel a lot lighter after applying it. One thing to note is that unlike other cooling gels I have tried in the past, this one doesn't feel sticky on the sticky and the cooling effect kicks in after a couple of seconds rather than immediately upon application.

Tempted? You can try your luck and take part in the giveaway on my Facebook page where you can win your very own Sollievo Venis from Erba Vita! Alternatively you can pick it up from pharmacies for just €12.

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