Teeth Whitening at Home? HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Those of you who know me, know how conscious I am of my teeth not being as white as I'd like them to be, hence the reason why I rarely expose them in photos. I had tried a teeth whitening session at a local med-aesthetic clinic a while back and while it did yield results, the process was a little uncomfortable for me and I have to say it is quite costly.

I am not one to lose heart easily, so, thousands of Facebook ads and loads of pictures on Instagram later, I decided to go ahead and try HiSmile. I went for the Teeth Whitening Kit which costs €54.99 and was delivered in less than 3 weeks.

Everything you need comes in a neat white box which has the HiSmile logo on the front, while information on contents and ingredients can be found at the back. The Teeth Whitening Kit consists of 3 HiSmile gels, 1 LED light with batteries, 1 mouth tray, 1 instruction manual and 1 results chart. First off, I really like how clean it looks and secondly, having the gel in a clear 'colour' somehow makes me think that there are not a lot of unnatural ingredients. In actual fact, if you look at the ingredients list, there are only 12 listed and they are all things which you can find in cosmetics and household items we use on a daily basis. Oh and HiSmile is vegan-friendly too!

The gel comes in syringes, each of which has a replaceable cap and holds enough gel for 2 uses thus the kit is good for 6 uses. The syringes are clearly marked in quarters for easy monitoring of how much product you're using. You will need a quarter for the top teeth and another quarter for the bottom teeth for any given treatment session.

Next, we have the LED light which requires 2 flat Lithium-Ion batteries (included in the kit) to function and a clear silicone mouth tray which attaches to the LED light. Everything is so easy to assemble and operate which makes this kit perfect for home use. The instructions are clearly explained in words and pictures.

Time for the fun part! I have been using HiSmile for the past 6 days of course to see if it actually works and if it lives up to the claim that it whitens teeth by up to 8 shades in less than a week. The LED light comes with a built-in timer for 10 minutes, during which you can practically do anything - chill, put away your laundry, read a magazine, watch a YouTube video...practically anything and when the time is up, your LED switches off and the device makes a beeping sound so you know you're done.

Here's what I do. I first check where my teeth stand against the colour chart, then apply the gel to the upper and lower faces of the mouth tray, pop the device in my mouth and push the 'on' button to switch the light on. It's is better if you apply gentle pressure on the mouth tray to make sure it really is up and against your teeth, thereby get maximum benefits. After the 10 minutes are up, I just rinse my teeth with warm water and see where they stand against the colour chart again. These are my results from the past 6 days.

Before starting HiSmile
My teeth stand somewhere between shade 5 & 6 on the chart

After the first try
My teeth are now closer to shade 5

Half way through at Day 3
My teeth are now between shades 4 and 5

Day 6
My teeth are now a solid shade 4

There was a difference in how white my teeth look after using HiSmile but it didn't go up the number of shades promised. Thus although this has worked and whitened my teeth, I think I would resort to having teeth whitening professionally done at my dentist as our wedding approaches next year. Having said that, HiSmile is still a great alternative for people with sensitive teeth as it whitens teeth without causing sensitivity reactions and it is designed for people with busy lifestyles who want to whiten their teeth as they go about their daily schedules.

What are your views on teeth whitening? Would you splurge on a professional treatment or do it at home at a fraction of the price?

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