Eylure Lashes Review & How To Care for your False Eyelashes

I used to shy away from false eyelashes until I was introduced to Eylure Lashes. I love the fanned out look that false lashes impart yet I used to brush off the idea of applying false eyelashes myself because i) it can get tricky and ii) I tried buying some cheap ones off Ebay once and the strip was just so hard it kept poking me in the eyes so I gave up altogether.

Towards the end of last year and up to a few weeks ago, I started receiving Eylure lashes from the local representatives and I kept them on my vanity for some time before I decided to give them a go. Well, clearly I was missing out!

Eylure Lashes come packaged in attractive boxes I must say and of course my favourites in that regard have to be the limited edition Enchanted ones. Each pair of lashes comes complete with a mini sized glue that can be used countless times and is the perfect size to take away with you in your bag for any touch-ups you might require.

Wearing the Limited Edition Roses & Thorns pair on different occasions
The lashes comes in a huge array of shapes made to suit all tastes and requirements yet they all look quite natural. The strip is thin and feels comfortable on the eyes and they can be re-used. Speaking of re-using lashes, here's a quick guide to cleaning lashes and make sure they are kept in tip-top condition:

1. Pour a little eye make-up remover into a small plastic container and put in a pair of the dirty lashes if they have a ton of glue or mascara on them. Leave the lashes to soak in the make-up remover for a couple of minutes.

2. Alternatively, if they only have a little glue on them, just pick at it gently with tweezers until it's off.

3. Carefully, take out one lash at a time with a pair of tweezers and place on a paper towel.

4. Gently remove any traces of mascara from the lashes with some more makeup remover. Put the lash back in the container and repeat until no more mascara comes off.  Do the same with the other lash.  Remember to clean the underside of the lashes as well.

5. Take off any left-over lash glue from the strip with your fingers and wipe the lashes clean.

6. Brush the lashes through with the lash comb to separate them and allow to air dry for a few minutes.

7. Store the lashes back in their original case and voila'! Lashes are clean again and ready for another use!
Wearing the Limited Edition Divine Crime lashes

Wearing Eylure No. 070 lashes

Thank you Eylure Lashes for easy-to-use, comfortable lashes! Now I look forward to putting on a different pair each time!

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