Styling A Cape Blazer

Summer is well underway but we're still getting colder temperatures in the evening. My way to beat them? Add a cape blazer! 

I bought this white cape blazer from Zara a couple of months ago and whenever I wear it, I get asked where it's from countless times and the second most common question is - 'what can I wear it with?'
Here are three ideas how you can style a cape blazer for the early summer days.

1. All black and a dash of white

Paired with black, this jacket really is a stand-out piece and I love the look of it with trousers as it has a long-line cut. If it's a bit chilly, go for something with lace sleeves to balance the look out and have an interesting detail peeping out from beneath the cape sleeves. Also, wearing a cape blaze with trousers does give off Khaleesi vibes no? ;)

2. Wear it with a crop-top

I wore this blazer again with a more colourful look for an event and I paired it with this bright blue crop-top, skinny jeans and colourful shoes and I must say it worked well too! The blazer balances the look all over, lending it a more sophisticated, structured feel and tones down the bright colours.

3. Chic in Monochrome 

Photo by Neil Psaila

For the last day of shows at Malta Fashion Week, I wore this blazer again, this time with a knee-length dress which I found still works well with this blazer. I love how this whole look turned out and it is possibly one of my favourite ways to wear this blazer.

See, cape blazers are not as tricky as we think they are! Which outfit is your favourite?

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