L-Għarusa | Behind the Scenes of a stellar local drama production

Maltese television drama has undergone somewhat of an overhaul ever since the first season of Strada Stretta (Strait Street) was shown on national television in 2016. The series was set in the 1950's when Valletta was still in its heyday and, excellent storyline aside, the well-researched series kept me waiting eagerly for the weekly episodes.

Fast forward to 2018, and Sharp Shoot Media Ltd., the media team behind Strada Stretta have taken on another project, L-Għarusa (The Bride), also penned by the outstanding script-writer, Audrey Brincat Dalli. I'm glad I was given the opportunity to go behind the scenes on set of this production which is set in 1930's Malta when noble families still had a strong presence within the Maltese community.

The first time I attended filming was a couple of weeks ago towards the end of June and before that, there were many more scenes being shot but I couldn't attend primarily due to work. This post is just to give you an idea of how much work goes into such high-quality productions. So, for my first behind-the-scenes attendance, I got to see a circus scene come to life - from hair, makeup and wardrobe preparations to going around the set, I was overwhelmed with all the hard work put in the scene right down to the littlest of details. On seeing the actors get prepped in their dresses and hair being done, I kept saying to myself that I was born five decades too late - I would have gladly attended parties in flapper dresses, feather headdresses, long satin gloves and T-bar shoes!

I got to meet some of the actors and also had a chat with the production team discussing plots, limitations and some technicalities that go on in producing the final product. Makeup was done by Krista Paris and Priscilla Chalker together with her assistants while hair was again left in the capable hands of Soraya. As with all other details, hair and makeup looks for this period drama are faithful to the pinned-up waves and natural looks of the 1930's. For the circus performers, the looks were of course more in-tune with their costumes - extravagant makeup typical of performers from back in the day.

Now let me peak your curiosity a little bit more; here's a summary of the plot around L-Għarusa to get you pumped up until October ;)

The story starts off in 2018 with the purchase of a vintage 1932 wedding dress. The bride who wore it, was tragically murdered on the day of her wedding, just before she walked down the aisle. Liz, a young student working for museum owners Manuel and his son Alan, is intrigued to know if this is in fact just a legend or if there is more to this story. 

In 1931, after a mysterious fire at a circus camp, the aristocratic family of the Gauci Fontana's decide to take in a number of gypsy circus performers who are left homeless. Bettina, their only daughter who is soon to be married, is suddenly exposed to more of the outside world than she ever could have imagined. After the murder, Inspector Fenech Lauri is determined to find whoever is responsible for the young woman’s demise.

I really can't wait for this tele-series to come to life on our televisions this October can you?

I would like to thank Sharp Shoot Media Ltd. for giving me the opportunity to join them behind the scenes. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more exclusive behind the scenes snippets as filming unfolds!

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