Festival Vibes with Rimmel London Ink Me Collection

Let me start this post by a rather in your face statement - I don't like tattoos! I appreciate them and the art involved on other people but I don't want them anywhere on my body. Having said that, I do like the gold temporary ones that seem to recur year after year especially during summer parties and music festivals so I was delighted when I received a teaser from Rimmel London's Ink Me collection in the mail a couple of months ago. I know, it took me ages to post this review and I do apologise for that; but in my defence, it was still early for summer parties and festivals so these had to wait a bit before I got to use them. Moreover, I haven't been to any summer parties this year so I had to postpone using the products again :(

Anyhow, I finally got round to using them and I can finally share my thoughts with you :) First up, a word about the collection - it consists of transfer tattoos, ink stamps and eye/body liners, meant to give an edge to your makeup.

I got the temporary tattoos and two ink stamps - one in the shape of a star, the other in the shape of a heart. The star stamp was the first one I used during a photoshoot as it tied in exactly with the look I was going for. I was impressed with how well the ink stayed on and the application is straight-forward. Just stamp the design wherever you want! Both designs stamp well and the shapes do not bleed either. To remove, just shower or use a makeup remover - simple!

Photo by Go Raw Photography

I finally got round to apply one of the temporary tattoos down my back for a night out. Transferring the tattoo was again pretty easy as all the directions are printed on the packaging and on me, the temporary tattoo lasted for 5 days before gradually starting to fade away.

I think the Rimmel Ink Me collection is a great alternative to 'inking' yourself without the need for needles and commitment! What about you? Are you a fan temporary or permanent tattoos in general?

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