No To Fast Fashion - Vibrant African shoes handmade in the Kibera Slums

Moving away from the minimalist trends we have seen in the fashion world for the past couple of years, colourful looks seem to be taking centre stage once again. Today I am sharing with you a press release about a fun way to incorporate colour in your look - shoes, courtesy of Kitu Kali. Read through to learn more about the brand and what it represents.

Vibrant African shoes handmade in the Kibera Slums – Kitu Kali launches on Kickstarter

Kitu Kali is proud to announce that on 8th of November 2018, we will be officially launching our Kickstarter campaign. Kitu Kali has a truly African born product and it’s the people involved in the process that make Kitu Kali shoes special. Each skilled artisan from Kibera (one of the largest slums in Africa), plays a part in the creation of our shoes. Sourcing traditional fabrics that are inspired from all over Africa. Recycling Kenyan materials for lining and carefully crafting each fashionably unique shoe from scratch. Kitu Kali's designs are produced in limited batches due to the availability of our fabrics, ensuring that the shoes are always fresh. "Everyone gazes at my shoes or stops to ask me where I got my shoes from", says Co-founder Amal Nathwani.

Kitu Kali supports our local community, celebrates African culture and opposes the fast fashion culture. “Each pair is made here in Kibera and every pair you purchase empowers the talented craftsmen, the family and the entire community.” Julie Munyi, Co-founder of Kitu Kali. She goes on to say, “there is a lot of hardship here in Kibera Slums and a lot of talent”.

To grow Kitu Kali and get their shoes all over the world, employ more artisans, improve their living and working conditions and increase production capacity in a sustainable and ethical way they have launched a Kickstart campaign. By pledging to their campaign, you make the conscious choice that protects the planet and the talented people who make these shoes.

“Not only are you helping us, but you are also getting a really great pair of shoes in the bargain” Kushil Lakhani, Co-founder of Kitu Kali.

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