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The Sunday Times of Malta - 7th October 2012

'Battle of the Beauty Bloggers'

Looking up independent, unbiased reviews on beauty products – always a pet subject – made Lara realise things could be much better if she actually carried out her own.
Dark lip liner teamed with nude lips is a no-no

“I loved learning new techniques and discovering innovative products. So I just decided to take the bull by the horns and start doing it myself. At the time, I hadn’t come across many other Malta-based beauty blogs and I thought it was high time things changed.”

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Just Beauty Magazine Issue 18 - June 2014

Just Beauty Magazine Issue 19 - September 2014

Paul Fredrick - 3rd December 2014

'Bloggers Share How To Be A Sharp Dressed Man'

...Lara from Every Beauty Addict’s Bible says there’s no real “secret” to being fashionable – it’s more about paying attention. “Dressing sharp simply means that one is aware of their personal style and goes on to wear clean, fashionable clothes that actually fit.”

Switch Digital Blog - 3rd December 2014

'News Spot: The Dr.Organic Blogger Event'

One thing we couldn’t ignore was the massive potential we saw in the local blogosphere. As an agency, we’re in contact with the majority of Maltese bloggers and we recognize that when brands and bloggers work well together, great things can happen.

Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week & Awards 2015

A Dash of Drama: Ferragiu' & Nilara

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Extension of the Imagination: Caroline Hili

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A Proud Statement: Ritienne Zammit

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Elle TV on Net Television 13/02/2016

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Malta Fashion Week & Fashion Awards 2016

The Sirena Collection: Let Your Spirit Shine

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Insomnia: Never Never Land of Couture

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The Hunter Collection: A Search for Lace and Splendour

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Gagliardi: The Nautical Affair

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Je Suis: A Rebellious Artist's Dream

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Freeze Frame: The Punk Princess Awakens

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Intune: Couture is Calling

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Joie de Vivre: A Silk Sensation

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Parascandolo: Androgyny's Favourite Step-child

The Sunday Times of Malta - 25th September 2016

'Make-up launch' - The official launch of 3ina at The Point

Malta Fashion Week Website - 2017

How to Tackle Fashion Week – Tips from the Bloggers

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